Property of Drew Rosenhaus T-shirt

Property of David Falk T-shirt

Drew Rosenhaus

David Falk

Property of Rosenhaus &
Property of Falk T-Shirts

You have just been taken with the #1 overall pick in the draft. You get a photo-op with the commissioner, a hat from the owner, and one of these t-shirts from your agent.

In the big leagues, a man is only as big as his representation. And if you have a contract negotiation coming up and you want the MAX then you don't want Master P or your cousin Shaun at the table. You want one of these superagents: Drew Rosenhaus, the Jack Nicholson of the NFL Draft Show, and David Falk, whose company got $120 million guaranteed for Juwan Howard.

These sharks rose to the top of the food chain through a combination of Machiavellian cunning and casino manager flattery. A contract with their signature on it is not just bloated, it's Faustian. You may sign the checks, but don't forget for a second who works for who.

You've been owned. Say it loud and say it proud with one of our superagent tees.

If you are Alonzo Mourning this shirt may be tax-deductible.

*NOTE: This design is not part of our current product line.

What does this mean for you?

It means you may still purchase it, but because it is being printed by our old manufacturer, you cannot combine this shirt in an order with items from our current product line. It must be ordered individually.