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Our Commemorative Barry Bonds
Home Run Record T-Shirt

Unlike Barry Bonds, our Tainted Love t-shirt testifies, testifies to the fact that sometimes, numbers do lie!

756 is a big number. A milestone. A number as big and bulbous as the very head on Barry's shoulders.

But for many people - especially the Holy Joes of sports-talk, the baseball bourgeois, the Dave & Buster moralists, and the vast pious swaths of America's "Braided-belt Belt" - 756 is as tainted as a crate of Chinese Topol.

When Barry passed Hammerin Hank, he wrote himself into the great annals of sporting achievement, and he wrote himself into its timeline of infamy.

(The words "taint" AND "annals" on one page?! Bring it on Google!!!)

This shirt celebrates sports history's more dubious achievements, its most notorious statistics, its numerology of shame.

A great shirt for trivia geeks, history buffs, and general haters alike!

Inside the Numbers:

7 : Lance Armstrongs Tour de France titles

9.83 : Ben Johnson's 100 time during the 1988 Olympics

11.7 : Score that French judge Marie-Reine Le Gougne awarded the Russians during the figure skating pairs competition of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games

14 : Danny Almonte's age during the 2001 Little League World Series

51st : Minute mark of Diego Maradona's "Hand Of God" goal during the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals

70 : Mark McGuire's 1998 home run total

1919 : The year the "Black Sox" threw the World Series

51-50 : Russia defeats United States in the 1972 Olympic Basketball final

2,178 : Nykesha Sales career points at the University of Connecticut

10,000 : Wilt Chamberlain's alleged sexual conquests

2:31:56 : Rosie Ruiz's time in the 1980 Boston Marathon

3.21.2 : NFL Rule 3, Section 21, Article 2 - aka 'The Tuck Rule'

*NOTE: This design is not part of our current product line.

What does this mean for you?

It means you may still purchase it, but because it is being printed by our old manufacturer, you cannot combine this shirt in an order with items from our current product line. It must be ordered individually.