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Retro 'Bullets Fever' T-Shirt

You gotta be a fan from old DC
To know what the Bullets mean to me
To see them gut up
And go all the way
For me Bullets Fever is here to stay

Bullets Fever!
Happens to me every year!
Bullets Fever!
And this years the one!

The year was 1978, and a young local kid called Nils Lofgren watched the Washington Bullets make an improbable run into the playoffs.

He was so inspired, that he thought "there must be something I can do to help my team go all the way!"

And there was something he could do, and so young Nils Lofgren picked up his guitar and wrote...
The Greatest Song in the History of Rock n' Roll!

It was called "Bullets Fever" and Nils drove around to local radio stations, dropping off copies of the record, and two weeks later, the tune was sweeping the city like a late Sunday wilding in Rock Creek Park.

To commemorate Nils and the Championship Bullets, we put Bullets Fever on a t-shirt. It's the kind of loud, proud, throwback tee you might have picked up at the Cap Center during a 1979 Giant Foods give-a-way.

Download 3 rare versions of Bullets Fever at
God Shammgod's Mixtape!

Nils Lofgren Fun Facts:
  • Nils was a member of Bruce Springsteen's
    E Street Band!
  • In the early 80s, Nils wrote the "Nobody Bothers Me" jingle for a local Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do advertisement!
  • Nils is half Italian, half Swedish!
  • His Italian side wrote Bullets Fever, while his Swedish side wrote the Jhoon Rhee jingle!
  • "Nils Lofgren" means "Nothingness Lofgren" in Latin!
  • Bullets Fever was Phil Chenier's Wedding song!(Weddings 2 and 4)
  • Nils Lofgren is not the same Nils Lofgren who invented the drug Xylocaine, which coincidentally had the street name "Uncle Wes."

*NOTE: Due to the complexity of this design, it is being printed by a different manufacturer than the rest of our merchandise.

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