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  Oakley's Car Wash Profiled in "Modern Car Care"

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The Official Oakley's Car Wash T-Shirt

As an enforcer for teams like the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors, Charles Oakley was known as one of the toughest players in the league. He was also known as one of the cleanest! So it makes perfect sense that as his career wound down, Charles made the transition from NBA superstar to car wash entrepreneur.

Just the fact that this shirt exists is awesome. The fact that this is THE OFFICIAL t-shirt of Oakley Car Washes makes it even more so. That's right: we licensed this baby right from the source, which means we are actually in business with Charles Oakley, which makes us very, very happy. And it will make you very, very proud to know you are wearing the genuine article. If you want this shirt, either you get it here, or you head down to the Charles Oakley Car Wash at
25 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY and pick on up in person (we recommend the "Fast Break" package!) Maybe Allan Houston can give you a ride. He's a regular.

Official logo, printed on heavyweight, 100% cotton, blue dusk cotton.